• 10 Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Marketing

    A large part of marketing your small business is trial and error. And as the process goes, mistakes are often unavoidable. The important thing is to spot and get rid of them as soon as possible to not sabotage your marketing any further. Over the years, it became clear that there are marketing mistakes that

  • Small Business Marketing Ideas

    Looking for new small business marketing ideas? Look no further! Get out there, try new things and discover new marketing channels for your small business. (image by Kenny Louie) 1. Helpful resources Offer free online resources on your website to increase your web traffic. That can be anything from Excel templates to mobile apps, an ebook

  • Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

    The festive season is a great time to promote your small business. But it’s also a time where everyone is busy with festive networking lunches and Christmas shopping – including you. So here are my favourite Christmas marketing ideas for small business to help you get ready in time! Say thank you Growing a business

  • 4 Types of Social Media Content You Should Focus on

    There are many benefits to using social media marketing for your small business. It’s a great way to raise brand awareness, build a loyal fan base from the ground up and get new clients. But what social media content gets you the best results? How do you engage with your followers and spread the word about

  • How to Get Referrals for Your Small Business

    According to surveys, 92% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. So if you have happy customers it’s high time to use them to attract new business! Even better than collecting reviews and testimonials: Think about offering your contacts an incentive for successful recommendations and establish a

  • How to Enter Awards to Grow Your Small Business

    Have you ever considered to enter awards to grow your small business? There are many benefits: Being an award-winning company gives you a competitive edge, the recognition you deserve and is great motivation for your team. Sometimes the award even comes with prize money. Additionally, with an award on your shelf, finding new staff or