Small Business Marketing Consultant, Edinburgh

Small Business Marketing Consultant, Edinburgh

Small business marketing that works

Sending the right message to the right people at the right time is the key to your small business marketing.

But that's not all: To get the best results, focus on your customers and how you can help them rather than simply advertising your products & services.

Let your small business thrive

Sole traders, micro & small businesses benefit especially from making their marketing all about their customers: From generating new business, retaining existing customers as well as increasing referrals & repeat business.

Marketing offers many effective & affordable ways to do just that. This way you can put your small business growth on solid ground while avoiding expensive, intrusive & pushy tactics.

Find your voice

To attract paying customers, your small business needs to be visible and stand out from your competitors.

Communicating your unique brand helps you set yourself apart in the marketplace, attract your ideal clients – and helps to increase conversions, referrals & customer satisfaction in the process.

So let’s find the marketing activities that are worth your time & money and create a clear message for your small business!

Have a look around to learn about my marketing services & rates, find out who I am or what my clients have to say about me. You can also get marketing advice & tips on my blog – or simply get in touch for a chat.

Get it right

Let's get your marketing right & build up the expertise, processes & workflows in your company to prepare for future growth. This bespoke marketing consultancy can include:

Get new ideas

Wondering if you're missing a trick or how you can get (even) better results from your marketing? A fresh pair of eyes can put your small business marketing on the right track. Choose from:

Get things done

If you simply don't have enough time to take care of all your marketing yourself, team up with me for your day-to-day marketing tasks or a specific campaign. I'd be happy to help with: