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12 Essential Tips to Write Better Marketing Copy for Your Small Business


Writing marketing content that converts followers into leads and leads into paying customers is a large part of your job as a small business owner. That’s why I’ve collected 12 essential tips to help you write better marketing copy.

Whether you’re looking at your small business website, your blog, an email newsletter, your social media posts or a new leaflet, the same rules apply. So let’s explore how to write compelling copy that engages your audience, builds your reputation and sells your products and services!

How to write better marketing copy

We are writing all the time. But while notes, emails and other correspondence rarely have the goal of selling or advertising, our marketing content definitely does. So check out these essential rules for generating marketing copy that actually works:

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1. Know your audience

First of all, always consider the people you are writing to:

  • What do they need?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Do you need to get their attention or are they open to what you have to say?
  • When and where will they read your message?

Knowing who you’re trying to reach is important. It allows you to deliver tailor-made copy that helps your small business grow. So if you want to write even better marketing copy, make sure to define your target market and ideal client.

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2. Avoid Jargon

In order to make your marketing copy work, you should speak your readers’ language. Avoid using abbreviations they’ve never heard of or your industry’s lingo.

Speak a language they know, recognise and understand. And never assume they know as much as you do, always explain what you’re talking about.

3. Be personal

If you want to write better marketing copy, you need to make your readers relate to your message. To achieve that, you have to speak to them directly when you write.

Use ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘we’ as much as possible to create a link. Show your understanding of their situation and make it clear that what you have to say is relevant to them personally.

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4. Know your goal

To generate new business for your small business, make sure you know what you want to achieve before you start writing:

  • What is your message?
  • Which action do you want them to take?
  • How can you convince them?

And don’t forget to add your call-to-action and avoid confusing people by offering too many options.

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This is my favourite marketing abbreviation: Keep it short and simple. Seriously, to write better marketing copy you have to be clear, precise and avoid overcomplicating things.

Simple and straightforward is the way to go when you want to get your message across. And you only have one try to get their attention.

Don’t miss that one try! Learn how to create a powerful customer flow that gets people clicking through.

6. Talk about benefits

When talking about your products, don’t talk about their features, talk about their benefits: Explain what your customer gains from using them rather than describing what they do.

Think “This alarm clock is reliable!” vs “Never be late again!”. Lead with the strongest point and repeat (paraphrase!) throughout the text.

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7. Be positive

In line with concentrating on the benefits, remember to always be positive. To write better marketing copy, don’t use negation and negative words too much.

For example, “Escape into the sun” for a travel agent sounds better than “Get away from work”. And sell savings: “You save £50!” is preferable to “Now only £249!”.

8. Set the right tone

One thing to keep in mind is that your marketing writing needs to represent your small business brand and fit the medium it is written for.

What works on your website doesn’t automatically work on your Facebook profile or in your press release. Adapt your tone of voice not just to the format but also to the tone of the marketing channel you’re writing for.

One size doesn’t fit all – find out more about tailoring your content here.

9. Be creative

Nothing works better for your small business marketing than being funny and creative. Even conservative target groups want to be entertained rather than bored by your latest newsletter!

In order to improve your marketing copy, tell a story! Engage the reader and create images in their minds.

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10. Use visuals

Speaking of which, use actual images to support your main marketing message if possible. To make a difference, they need to work well together with your headline.

And remember, again, to be positive. Don’t show them what they will avoid by becoming your customer, show them what they will get.

11. Be thorough

This is probably the most important rule of copywriting: Never publish without giving it a proper proofread. If possible go away, do something else and read it again with a fresh mind.

Look for typos, grammatical errors and repetitions and check if it conveys your message clearly. It can be really helpful to get feedback from somebody else. They might catch something you haven’t – when you’ve read something twenty times, it can be easy to miss things!

12. Be competitive

Last but not least, keep an eye on your competition:

  • How do they market their products and services?
  • What do they promise their readers?
  • Are they using a similar message to yours?

In order to generate new business and stand out in the marketplace, set yourself apart from your competition and concentrate on what you do differently.


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