Small Business Marketing Services & Rates

Small Business Marketing Services & Rates

Wondering how a marketing consultant can help you with your small business and what costs are involved? Then check out my small business marketing services & rates!

Marketing your small business is vital to your success but it doesn’t have to be annoying, pushy or expensive to be effective.

Also, there are many different marketing strategies & tools for you to choose from: Websites & SEO (search engine optimisation), email newsletters & social media, leaflets, events – to name just a few.

But in the end, your marketing is as individual as your small business. So let's find a way that suits you & your company and that represents your values & goals.

Find out below about my small business marketing services & rates in Edinburgh, Fife & the Lothians. Or check out my case studies & learn more about me. Ready? Then, let's have a chat.

My small business marketing rates:

Hourly rate: £50

Daily rate: £350

Monthly retainer: from £120

Fixed rates: see below

1-to-1 Sessions

You want to take care of your marketing yourself but need help? My regular consulting sessions are perfect to 'learn on the job'! You get a sounding board for your marketing ideas, my expertise to achieve your business goals and the focus your company needs to grow.

E.g. 2 Hrs At £50/Hour

Marketing Audit

Would you like to find out what you could do to optimise your marketing or what other opportunities are out there for you? Let's have a look at your past and current marketing to see what works, what doesn’t and what we can do to improve your results and grow your business.

E.g. 6 Hrs At £50/Hour

Marketing Management

If you don't have a marketing department but need support to get your marketing done effectively and efficiently, I can be your freelance marketing manager. We agree on the campaigns and projects together and I'll make sure they are implemented in time and on budget.

Monthly Retainer Or Hourly Rate

Marketing Workshop

Looking for practical marketing expertise? No matter if it’s just you or your whole team, I'll walk you through the necessary steps to reach your goals, e.g. creating your marketing strategy, improve your social media marketing or learn everything about copywriting.

E.g. 4-Hr Workshop For £400

Marketing Strategy

In order to attract your ideal client or customer, it's important to have a sound marketing strategy in place. It helps you optimise your communication with your target audience, set yourself apart from your competition (your USP) and defines the best way to market your business.

E.g. 12 Hrs At £50/Hour

Project Management

Large projects like a new website, a re-brand as well as an updated shop signage or office interior can be quite daunting. I will work closely with your suppliers, make sure the project goes smoothly and delivers results that are consistent with your marketing strategy.

Fixed Fee Or Hourly Rate

Brainstorming Session

If you are not looking for longterm marketing support but need some one-off advice, my brainstorming sessions are what you're looking for. We meet up for a coffee and you can use me to bounce ideas off, discuss your marketing goals or ask any questions you have.

Up To 2 Hrs At £50/hour

Marketing Plan

For the best possible impact you need a marketing plan to implement your strategy. It helps coordinating your campaigns, creating a consistent communication to your audience and enables you to monitor your efforts. And it saves you a lot of time and money in the process.

E.g. 8 Hrs At £50/Hour

Campaign Management

Are you planning to establish a regular newsletter, would you like to organise a leaflet drop in your local area or get everything ready for your product launch? Whatever marketing project you are planning for your small business, I'm happy to help with the implementation. 

Fixed Fee Or Hourly Rate