Small Business Marketing Services & Rates

small business marketing services rates

Say goodbye to marketing overwhelm

Not sure if you’re going about your marketing the right way? Wondering if there’s something else you should be doing? Whether you want to set up, reposition or optimise your marketing, I can help. Find out more about my small business marketing services & rates below!

My 2024/25 consultancy rates:
Per hour: £85
Half day: £325
Full day: £650

Together, we can answer questions like:

  • What is the best way to stand out from your competition?
  • How can you attract bigger projects and more of your favourite clients?
  • Which marketing channels should you use to promote your business?
  • How do you fit your marketing into your busy schedule?

And there are two ways we can work together: You can either choose a 1-to-1 session to tackle a specific marketing challenge you have. Or we can work together on your wider marketing approach from strategy to delivery with my small business marketing consultancy sessions. Read on to find out more!

Pick my brain: 1-to-1 sessions

From content ideas for your social media, newsletter or blog to optimising your website and getting more repeat business, if you choose a 1-to-1 session with me, you can pick my brain and take away actionable tips and advice.

Even better, you can book as many feedback or follow-up sessions as you like. It’s a great way to help with accountability and to get support whenever you need it.

The full monty: Consultancy sessions

If you’re looking to create, update or optimise the way you promote your services and/or products, my consultancy sessions are the perfect fit.

Starting by looking at what you’re currently doing and where you want to be, we’ll do a full assessment to check what’s working (and what isn’t), if there are any gaps and untapped opportunities and room for improvement. This will inform our work when putting together your new and improved marketing approach.

The consultancy sessions are exactly that: a series of half-day or full-day workshops, where we will cover the following areas of your small business marketing:

Where do you want to be?

1. Kick-off

Let’s have a closer look at your business, opportunities and challenges: How are you currently marketing yourself? Who’s your target audience? What do you want to achieve?

Where do you want to be?

What’s your game plan?

2. Brand & Strategy

Whether you want to stand out (more) from your competition or attract more of your ideal customers, let’s make sure your marketing is aligned with your current goals and objectives.

What’s your game plan?

How can you be more effective?

3. Planning & Reporting

Tired of going from super busy to really quiet? Not sure where your customers are coming from? Let’s find out what works and what doesn’t and make the best of your time and resources.

How can you be more effective?

How can you add value?

4. Customer Experience

Want to be the go-to company for your ideal clients? Looking for great reviews, repeat business and referrals? Let’s avoid pushy, salesy tactics and focus on what your customers really need.

How can you add value?

What do you need to make it happen?

5. Workflows & Processes

Even the best (marketing) plans are worth nothing if you don’t follow through. So let’s get the right processes and tools in place and make sure your marketing fits into your busy schedule.

What do you need to make it happen?

At the end, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and put your marketing into action. And if you’re looking for help with the delivery or training to get you and your team the knowledge and skills you need to proceed, I can help with that, too!

small business marketing services & rates – ongoing support & advice

Ongoing Support

Get my advice and support with your day-to-day marketing on an ongoing basis.

small business marketing services & rates – training & workshops

Training & Workshops

Make sure you and your team have the right skills to achieve your marketing goals.

Interested in finding out more? Check out my FAQ or get in touch to arrange your free initial call!

Costs & timescale

You can find my current small business marketing services & rates at the top of this page. So let’s have a look at what you can expect from working with me.

My 1-to-1 sessions can be as long or as short as you want them to be, starting from one hour. But usually, I’d recommend starting with a two-hour session so I can get to know you and your business.

If you’re looking to cover more ground with my consultancy sessions, we’ll set up a series of half-day sessions for you. In case we have lots to cover or we need to include relevant team members, we can arrange full-day sessions to suit.

How many sessions we need depends entirely on the scope of your business and marketing requirements. But I usually advise to set aside at least five half-day sessions for the whole process.

Any additional research or preparation before sessions will be charged at my hourly rate. I will invoice you at the end of every month. If applicable, we can agree on a monthly cap on spending to help you plan your budget.

And afterwards, if you want ongoing support with the delivery of your marketing, I will set aside the hours required every month, charged at my hourly rate.

Workshops and training costs include my preparation and the actual session(s) and are based on my half-day or full-day rate.

Got more questions about my small business marketing services & rates? Check out my Marketing FAQ, find out more about me or get in touch.

Want proof?

Find out what my clients have to say about me!

Denise’s incredible experience & ability to really get to know our company has been a massive asset to us. And it has been an absolute pleasure working with her. I highly recommend working with Denise!

Tom Crombie My Online Schooling
Tom CrombieMy Online Schooling

I’ve had a marked increase in clients coming through Google or social media. If you’re looking for help, do not hesitate to get in touch with Denise – she’s fantastic! I don’t know how I managed without her.

Gin Lalli Solution-Focused Therapist
Gin LalliSolution-Focused Therapist

I’m very happy with Denise’s work. Apart from clearly knowing her marketing craft, the thing that struck me most was how quickly she picked up on and understood our target market.

Andrew Johnstone Loft Boarding Scotland
Andrew JohnstoneLoft Boarding Scotland

Find out more on my small business marketing blog: