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Looking for new small business marketing ideas? Look no further! Get out there, try new things and discover new marketing channels for your small business. (image by Kenny Louie)

1. Helpful resources

Offer free online resources on your website to increase your web traffic.

That can be anything from Excel templates to mobile apps, an ebook or cheat sheets – important is that it helps your customers. And don’t forget to ask if they want to join your mailing list (while complying with GDPR, of course).

2. Loyalty cards

small business marketing ideas: customer loyalty cards

One of the more popular small business marketing ideas: Give out loyalty cards to your customers to increase repeat business and reward your most loyal patrons.

Offer collectable points for each purchase or simply a ‘buy five, get one free’ discount.

3. CRM

Maybe an odd thing to find among small business marketing ideas, but bear with me. Have you ever met a promising lead at a networking event but forgot to follow up? Make sure you make the best of your contacts by using a CRM (customer relationship management).

This reminds you to follow up with potential new customers, keep in touch with existing customers and convert as many as possible into new and repeated business. (Web-based CRM like Insightly and Agile offer free versions with loads of helpful features for small businesses.)

4. Twitter chats

Take part in monthly or weekly Twitter chats that are relevant to your business.

This way you can exchange views and experiences with like-minded people, connect with potential clients and collaboration partners.

5. Be responsive

Is your website mobile friendly yet? More and more people read your blog posts on their smartphones or follow links to your website on their tablet.

Make sure they don’t need a magnifying glass to get to know your business.

6. Local directories

small business marketing ideas: online search directories

No matter if they’re print-based or online, directories are still a very good way to promote your business, increase footfall to your shop and traffic to your website.

Just make sure to only list your business on directories with a good reputation.

7. Reviews

Nowadays, people trust reviews and recommendations from their friends more than advertising, so get out there and ask for reviews.

No matter if you choose Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor or FourSquare. Get feedback from your customers and use them to attract new business. Important: Immediately reply to bad reviews in a friendly way to show you’re listening to your customers.

8. 404 page

One of the more fun small business marketing ideas! Business doesn’t have to be serious all the time, from time to time you should remember to have fun as well.

A good way is to create a 404 error page on your website that turns a fail into a laugh and strengthens your brand and customer loyalty. Get some ideas.

9. Content

Create useful and relevant content for your ideal customer to increase your web traffic, your brand awareness and to attract more clients.

You can write a blog, start a podcast or give advice via YouTube to engage with your audience.

10. Referrals

Never forget to ask your clients and contacts for referrals.

To help you with that you can set up a referral scheme where loyal customers get rewarded for each new client they refer to you. It’s a win-win situation.

11. Events

small business marketing ideas: events

Another popular choice among the vast choice of small business marketing ideas: Think about offering workshops for your target group to show your expertise or host events in your premises to attract new business to your shop.

That can be an open doors day in your workshop as well as simply inviting the local networking group to use your cafe for their meetings.

12. Social sharing

Make sure to add buttons to your web content to enable your readers to share your blog post with their friends or like you on your social media profiles.

Always make it as easy as possible and never forget the call-to-action (“Share with your friends” or “Follow us on Twitter”).

13. Elevator pitch

When was the last time you updated your elevator pitch? Keep it fresh and relevant and adapt it according to the audience at the event.

And don’t forget: Don’t tell people what you do, but what you can do for them.


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