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Content Marketing Ideas – A Brainstorming Tool for Small Businesses

Content Marketing Ideas – A Brainstorming Tool for Small Businesses

Social media, blogging, newsletters, podcasts, video – the list of ways to use content marketing to attract more of your ideal clients to your small business is endless. But how do you generate the right content marketing ideas?

Over the years of writing this small business marketing blog and promoting my services on social media, I’ve learned a few things about finding content ideas for your marketing I would like to share with you.

I have also put together a brainstorming tool for content marketing ideas that will help you come up with a wide range of topics you can use to market your small business. So let’s get started:

Lesson #1: Be Relevant

Content Marketing Ideas – A Brainstorming Tool for Small BusinessesThe general rule in content marketing is to be relevant. So think about what matters to your audience when you prepare your next Facebook post or newsletter.

Focus on things that help your ideal client, answer their burning questions, offer solutions to their challenges or bust a few myths that are going around in your industry.

Lesson #2: Be patient

But, as obvious and easy as “be relevant” might sound: It’s not. If I’ve learned something while marketing my business through content it’s that it’s hard to get to the relevant stuff.

It’s even harder to keep it up once you get there. And more importantly: Being good at finding the right content marketing ideas for your business takes time. But you have to keep going because practice is the only way to get better at it.

Find out how to define your ideal client & grow your small business the right way.

My Content Marketing Ideas Tool

Content Marketing Ideas ToolBut how do you actually find out about your audience’s questions, challenges & myths that need busting?

What does “relevant” mean exactly, especially for your ideal client(s) and your small business?

I have created a brainstorming tool to help small business owners like yourself generate ideas for your content marketing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the tool – get your free copy of the content marketing ideas tool (no email required, just click & save the PDF)
  2. Choose your platform – are you collecting ideas for your Facebook page, blog or your next YouTube video?
  3. Focus on your ideal client(s) – keep in mind what you know about your target audience.
  4. Collect your ideas – simply write down the topics that come to mind. Don’t judge, just write.
  5. Walk away – now is the time to step away and do something else for a while.
  6. Fine-tune & prioritise – come back to your list at a later date, with a fresh mind & start polishing your ideas.

Download your free content marketing ideas brainstorming tool here.

Also, while the brainstorming map shows both topics about yourself and your small business as well as about your ideal client, keep the 80/20-rule in mind.

If you’re only talking about yourself and promote your business all the time, people will stop listening. Make sure that 80% of your content focuses on your audience and what they want and need and no more than 20% is about yourself.

Happy brainstorming!


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