The 5-Step Guide to Find a USP for Your Small Business [Infographic]

The 5-Step Guide to Find a USP for Your Small Business [Infographic]

Imagine your ideal clients or customers are looking for something you offer. They’re using Google to find suppliers or providers in their area and they’re faced with a long list of companies that may or may not appeal to them.

How do you stand out amongst your competition? Are you making it easy for the right clients or customers to find you?

The best way to present your small business to your target audience is to define a USP (unique selling proposition) and make it the heart of your marketing strategy. This infographic shows you how to define your USP in 5 simple steps.

The Importance of Your Niche

We are inundated with choice these days. This has its perks, but makes it a daunting task to find what’s right for you, and makes it all the more important to have a clear and straightforward marketing message.

A well-defined USP lets your audience know what to expect when doing business with you, shows them what you stand for and makes a compelling case why they should choose you.

With your USP you can translate values into a memorable slogan or tagline for your small business (think ‘Every little helps’ or ‘Just do it’), and make it really easy to find the right tone of voice and design for your marketing material.

And there are just 5 simple steps to get you there!

Let’s Get Started:

infographic: find your USP



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Published byDenise Strohsahl

Denise Strohsahl is an Edinburgh-based marketing consultant, specialising in helping small, local businesses get more of their ideal clients.