Are You Hiding from Your Customers?

Are You Hiding from Your Customers?

So you’ve done your homework and know who your ideal customers are, how and where to reach out to them and how to present your offer in the best possible light.

But do potential customers know how to contact you? Do you clearly communicate how to find you, buy your products or secure your services? Let’s make sure you don’t miss out on lucrative business.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sightAs small business owners, attracting new customers and clients is one of our main challenges. So we dive into social media, e-commerce, advertising, mail shots and PR. But being visible in front of the right audience isn’t the only purpose of marketing.

We also have to convert interested people into paying customers and clients and that won’t happen if they have no idea how to reach you. If your inbox is emptier than you like and your phone is quiet, the following tips might be the answer to your prayers:

1. Be Visible

It sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s difficult to juggle all the information intended to go into your marketing material: With our focus on the snazziest headline, eye-catching imagery, engaging call-to-actions and the earth-shattering benefits of our offer, our contact details can end up wedged in a corner in the smallest font.

Don’t get me wrong, your phone number, address and social media profiles shouldn’t be front and centre either. They do, though, have to be visible and set apart from the main content. Straightforward icons and location maps for example are very effective for this.

2. Make It Simple

Are you hiding from your customersIf something is done by an easy click, we are the happiest customer ever. But if we have to read through a whole brochure just to contact someone, we’ll often give up and see if other businesses are more forthcoming.

To see if you’re keeping it short and sweet, check out how long it takes to get to your contact form from your homepage. And, most importantly, how long it takes to fill out the form and send it. Clear and consistent naming and branding of your social media profiles makes it easier for people to find, follow and contact you there.

3. Be Thorough

Whatever marketing material we’re talking about, your contact details are as indispensable as your logo. It doesn’t always have to be a physical address, web presence and social media accounts, but ensure there’s at least one obvious way for people to find out more about you and your offer.

And that includes your shop or premises: Showing your visitors that they can follow you on Facebook, or get everything delivered to their home through your online shop, boosts both new and repeat business.

4. Be Accessible

Don't hide from your clientsKeep in mind that small or overly intricate fonts, as well as elaborate colour schemes, can make it difficult for some customers to read your contact details. On your website, avoid having crucial information in an image and risking it not displaying properly on smartphones and tablets.

To turn as many prospects into customers as possible, ensure that your availability fits their lifestyle and your opening or office hours are convenient. Offer your target audience a reasonable amount of ways to contact you, so they can choose their preferred way of communication.

So, does your marketing contain the vital information your customers need to get in touch with you? Or do you send them on a wild goose chase?


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Published byDenise Strohsahl

Denise Strohsahl is an Edinburgh-based marketing consultant, specialising in helping small, local businesses get more of their ideal clients.