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How to Tackle the Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Business


Are you responsible for the marketing in your small business? Then this post is for you! I have collected tips and guides on how to tackle the biggest marketing challenges for small business.

Check out this library of practical marketing advice that helps you find the best marketing solutions for your small business!

1. The right marketing

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When it comes to the biggest marketing challenges for small businesses, defining your marketing in the first place is usually among the top 3.

Mainly because it’s not easy to do. But these tips will help you find the right marketing and avoid the most common marketing mistakes:

2. The right message

Next in this list of the biggest marketing challenges for small businesses is finding the right marketing message.

If you want people to think of you when they or someone they know needs your expertise, you have to send a clear message:

3. The right audience

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It’s tempting to target everybody with a pulse and money with your marketing. But this is definitely one of the biggest marketing challenges for small businesses.

Believe me, your business will grow faster (and you will enjoy your work more) if you attract the clients or customers that suit you and your business best:

4. Generate new business

Increasing brand awareness and generating new business is at the heart of every marketing campaign. It’s also its biggest marketing challenge.

Here are some practical tips and ideas on how to grow your small business and attract new clients:

5. Repeat business & referrals

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It’s a known fact that retaining existing clients and repeat business is cheaper than generating new business. So make sure you make the best of the ones you have:

6. Make time for your marketing

With you wearing different hats throughout your career as a small business owner, it is sometimes hard to find the time for everything. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make sure your marketing is not left behind:

7. Get new ideas

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Looking to generate new ideas, but not sure where to start? Here are some helpful lists with marketing ideas for your small business:

8. Maximising your Online Presence

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Last but not least! If the digital side of things is getting you down, you’re not alone. Getting to grips with your online platforms can be one of the biggest marketing challenges out there, especially if you’re new to it!

So here are some posts specifically about maximising your online marketing, to help you take charge and make it work.

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