How to Give Your Small Business a Face on Social Media

How to Give Your Small Business a Face on Social Media

We all know that social media is really important for small businesses these days. But is it enough just to post regularly and promote your products? Well, the short answer is no! People don’t like following pages that seem to be run by bots.

In order to be successful on Facebook, Twitter & Co, you have to be sociable. Just because you’re representing your business, doesn’t mean you can’t show some personality, too. And here are a few simple ways to make yourself seem more human on social media.

Post Team Photos & Selfies

To help people get to know who’s behind the business, post photos of your team or yourself. Snap a photo of yourself at an event, rather than just putting up a generic photo of the venue.

If your team are working on a particular project, post a photo of them working together. If you’ve been doing some networking or have met another small business owner for coffee, grab a selfie with them and tag them in it. Remind your followers that you’re a real person, not a robot!

Include Non-Business Related Posts

how to give your business a face on social media

Another easy way to add some personality to your social media is to include non-business related posts. If you’re constantly posting about your products or services, your followers will quickly get bored. It’s good to post a mixture of business and non-business content to keep things interesting.

For example, you could share an article you’ve enjoyed reading, post a photo of your favourite local coffee shop or even a few snaps of your latest holiday. Obviously, you’ll still want to keep things professional (so it’s best to avoid photos of you in a bar at 3am!), but sharing little bits of your daily life is a great way to give your business a face on social media.

Don’t Just Follow the Crowd

Just because other people are posting a certain type of content, it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Don’t copy what other businesses are doing just for the sake of it.

For example, you don’t have to post a #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday post every week. These might work once in a while, but repeating them regularly can seem boring and it might not even be relevant to your business. Instead, think about the content you like to see on social media. Whatever inspires you (and whatever you think your followers will connect with) is a great place to start.

Be Honest

Your social media doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to pretend your business is perfect either. We’re all human (even on social media!), so there’s no harm in asking questions, admitting mistakes or posting about how you’ve learned from failures.

This is also a great way to connect with other small business owners on social media. Create a support network where you can ask questions and learn how to make your business better. Offer your knowledge too, and your followers will appreciate your honesty and your expert tips.

how to give your business a face on social media

Use Your Own Tone of Voice

To avoid your social media profiles becoming too “businessy”, stop using an overly professional or business-like tone of voice. Get rid of any business jargon and speak in the casual tone of voice you would use when speaking to your friends.

This will make you seem much more approachable, and will remind people that there’s a real person behind the social media handles. The best way to seem like a real person on social media is just to be yourself. Don’t overthink things too much – just talk (or write) how you would normally.

Behind the Scenes Posts

Another easy way to give your social media more personality is to include behind the scenes posts. Show a corner of your workspace or desk to show people what your office is really like.

Or share sneak peeks of plans for new products. You could even post what you had for breakfast as you answered this morning’s emails! Posts like these are a great way to remind people you’re a business, without your posts becoming too pushy, salesy or boring.



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