How to Boost Your Small Business with a Marketing Consultant

How to Boost Your Small Business with a Marketing Consultant

One of the questions I usually get from small business owners is: “How does marketing consultancy work? How can we work together?” And I would not be surprised if this has crossed your mind before, too.

So I decided to take to my blog to answer this. Together with the benefits of working with a marketing consultant this will give you an idea of the many ways a marketing consultant can work with and for your small business.


You are not sure what kind of marketing you should invest in or how you can improve your efforts? You simply don’t have the time to take care of your marketing? Are you looking for a fresh pair of eyes and new impulses for your small business?

No matter what your reasons are, a marketing consultant can help you and your business in many ways to achieve your goals. Let’s have a look!

1. Consulting Sessions

1-to-1 marketing sessionsIf you are looking for new ideas or answers to your marketing questions, blog posts or workshops can be a bit generic to be of help. For specific advice tailored to your small business, goals and budget, one-to-one consulting sessions are the way to go.

They help you explore new options, develop your skills and have somebody to walk you through the necessary steps to grow your business.

2. Marketing Support

Although you know how important marketing is for your small business, you simply can’t find the time for it? If you don’t want to take on staff (yet) but need someone to take care of your small business’s marketing, marketing consultants are a perfect fit for you.

They can act as your freelance marketing manager for as many hours a week as you need them, taking care of all your marketing activities while freeing you up for the things you enjoy doing most. You can be as much or as little involved in the daily processes as you want while knowing that your marketing is in good hands.

3. Workshops

Marketing workshopsMarketing often involves not just yourself but your whole team. In this case it can be of great help to have everyone on the same page or to be able to benefit from your staff’s input and ideas.

Marketing consultants can hold in-house workshops on almost everything: You can work together on your strategy, gather ideas and techniques to make the best of your social media marketing, develop new products or improve your customer experience.

4. Campaign Management

A product launch, a new event series, exhibiting at a trade show or the re-branding of your business — a marketing consultant’s expertise and experience can help you save time and money on any specific campaign you have planned.

They can take over the planning and implementation of your campaign to take the load off your team as well as bring in their well-established contacts to graphic and web designers, printers, photographers or caterers.

So if you want to learn from the best and have a partner at your side whenever you need them, a small business marketing consultant might just be the thing for you!



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Published byDenise Strohsahl

Denise Strohsahl is an Edinburgh-based marketing consultant, specialising in helping small, local businesses get more of their ideal clients.