• How Video Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

    There’s a big buzz around video marketing these days, for small businesses like yours as well as for medium-sized and larger ones. Whenever you scroll through your social media feed, it seems like every second post is a video. And it’s not just cute clips of animals or funny compilations from TV anymore. Videos are

  • How to Add Personality to Your Social Media Marketing

    Social media is a great way to create brand awareness for your small business and drive growth. But it follows a completely different rule set to other, more traditional marketing channels. Simply promoting your products and services won’t do. In order to succeed, you need to find a way to use the people behind your small

  • Time-Saving Tips for Your Small Business Marketing

    Marketing is important to every small business that wants to grow. But attracting new customers, keeping existing ones happy and raising your profile can cost a lot of time. That’s why I’ve collected my top 3 time-saving tips for your small business marketing for you. Over the years of working with small business owners on

  • 13 Easy Ways to Sabotage Your Marketing

    A while ago, I made a list of 10 Basic Mistakes that can Sabotage Your Marketing. These were things so common that people are often not aware that they are detrimental to their businesses. (And I have to admit that I was guilty of a few of them myself.) In the past months I have come

  • Small Business Growth: 7 Ways to Ask the Right Questions

    When it comes to their small business growth, most people think about advertising, mailshots or getting booked on every networking event available. That’s one way of course. But did you know there’s a much cheaper way to attract more of your ideal clients? Just ask When talking to my clients I often hear things like “I