• Grow Your Customer Base in 7 Easy Steps

    Four things are crucial to keep your business running: A healthy cash flow, loyal and talented staff, visibility in the market and a growing customer base. But how do you keep expanding and attracting new customers without watering down your brand? How do you make sure you attract the right kind of customer? Let’s look

  • Small Business Marketing Ideas

    Looking for new ideas for your marketing? Look no further! Get out there, try new things and discover new marketing channels for your small business. (image by Kenny Louie) 1. Helpful resources Offer free online resources on your website to increase y our web traffic. That can be anything from Excel templates to mobile apps, an

  • How to Get Referrals for Your Small Business

    Do you have happy customers? Then why don’t you use their high opinion of you to attract new business? According to surveys, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising. Even better than collecting reviews and testimonials: Think about offering your contacts an incentive for successful recommendations

  • 24 Small Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

    Are you in the process of planning your future marketing? Here are some of my favourite marketing ideas for freelancers and small businesses with a small budget: 1. Advertise on your company car Removable magnetic signs are an affordable alternative to wraps. Just make sure to add your website & phone number and most importantly: