• How I Balance Work and Life As a Small Business Owner

    When running a small business, finding a way to balance work and life can often be tricky. How often have you found yourself working until 10 pm when you should be relaxing? Or used cleaning the house as procrastination when you should be sending important emails? Especially if you’re going from full-time employment to running

  • How to Market Your Small Business When You’re Busy

    Marketing your small business is hugely important if you want to run a successful company. It can, however, often get pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list when you’re busy doing client work or dealing with customers. You might be rushed off your feet right now, but if you don’t keep marketing your

  • 5 Truths about Small Business Marketing

    Marketing is essential to make your small business a success: It helps you define your goals and tells the right people about you. But in order to make it work for you and your business, there are a few hard truths we all have to face… 1. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day I am not

  • Marketing for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Checklist

    When running a small business, there are risks; there are no guarantees and no fail-safes, but there are ways to reduce the risk and increase your success rate – and the same goes for marketing! I’ve put together a simple, but effective, checklist you can use to make sure your marketing campaigns are ready for take-off. No Matter What Whether you’re

  • How to Grow Your Small Business & Keep on Track

    At a workshop, run by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, we talked about the different stages you go through when you grow your small business and what each of these mean for us as business owners. Apart from a lot of things to be aware of when you grow your small business, one thing struck a note.

  • Set Goals for Your Small Business in 4 Steps

    It’s a simple truth: If you don’t know what you want, you will never get it. And it applies to both our personal lives and our small businesses. That’s why it’s so important to set goals and have the objectives for your small business clearly defined and ready to go. Find out what’s to gain