• Small But Mighty – The Advantage of Small Businesses

    I love this quote, I think it’s one of the best quotes about marketing I have ever seen. And funnily enough, this quote is actually not so much about marketing as it is about why small business owners and freelancers like us started their businesses in the first place: Because we have a passion. Our Passion My passion

  • 5 Truths about Small Business Marketing

    Marketing is essential to make your small business a success: It helps you define your goals and tells the right people about you. But in order to make it work for you and your business, there are a few hard truths we all have to face… 1. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day I am not

  • 8 Great Examples of USPs for Your Small Business

    “Unique? I’m not unique, I do exactly what the others do.” — “There’s nothing special about how I run my business. It’s just a normal business.” — “The only way I can stand out from my competitors is by being cheaper.” These are probably the most common reactions by small business owners when asked about

  • Do You Know Enough About Your Target Groups?

    According to Mashable, Pizza Hut scored big points by listening to their target audience: They’ve increased their turnover by $1 million worth of pizzas in just four months simply by introducing a new sales channel – an online delivery app on the Xbox 360 game console. How is this relevant to you and your small business? It shows that