• How to Respond To Negative Reviews – with Examples

    Bad customer feedback is every small business owner’s worst nightmare. No one likes to hear bad things about their business, especially when it’s online for everyone to see. But it’s very important how you respond to negative reviews. As scary as they seem, online reviews are really important for your business. Positive reviews help to

  • How Video Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

    There’s a big buzz around video marketing these days, for small businesses like yours as well as for medium-sized and larger ones. Whenever you scroll through your social media feed, it seems like every second post is a video. And it’s not just cute clips of animals or funny compilations from TV anymore. Videos are

  • Why You Should Focus on Your Social Media Engagement

    Often what’s hailed as a social media success story turns out to be just another social media broadcaster: shouting to the world and not caring if anyone is listening. But social media shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, it should be about social media engagement with your followers. Replies, comments, likes, retweets, shares, clicks – in order to