• How to Respond To Negative Reviews – with Examples

    Bad customer feedback is every small business owner’s worst nightmare. No one likes to hear bad things about their business, especially when it’s online for everyone to see. But it’s very important how you respond to negative reviews. As scary as they seem, online reviews are really important for your business. Positive reviews help to

  • Customer-Focused Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

    Marketing can be annoying and pushy – just think of the unsolicited emails and repetitive TV ads. But it doesn’t have to be. If you think about your customers first, your marketing will be much more well-received by your target audience. And that’s where my 5 top customer-focused marketing ideas come in! Just think about

  • How to Implement Customer-Focused Marketing for Your Small Business

    Don’t like the pushy, sales-y marketing we’re confronted with in our day-to-day lives? Then how about being more authentic and sustainable in growing your small business by choosing a customer-focused marketing approach? If you’re following my blog regularly, you already know that I believe that marketing doesn’t have to be annoying to get results. And today,

  • 7 Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Existing Customers

    As a small business, building a good relationship with your previous or existing customers is really important. Not only are they likely to provide you with repeat business, they may also refer you and write raving online reviews about you. But how do you stay in touch with past and existing customers without being too

  • How to Deal With Price Shoppers As a Small Business

    Price shoppers can be a nightmare if you’re a busy small business. You made all that effort in writing a quote for them and then you realise they won’t be buying your products or services any time soon. They might enquire about your rates so they can plan their budget or compare your prices with your competitors.

  • 8 Great USP Examples for Your Small Business

    Finding a USP (unique selling proposition) for your small business is not always easy. So how about some USP examples to help you with your inspiration? If you think “Unique? I’m not unique, I do exactly what the others do” or “The only way I can stand out from my competitors is by being cheaper” then

  • 7 Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience

    When it comes to growing your small business, it can be hard to know where to start. You got social media, your company website and many other tactics in place to increase your customer base. But what about your customer experience? Delivering the best possible service to your clients and make them enjoy every step of