• How to Deal With Price Shoppers As a Small Business

    Price shoppers can be a nightmare if you’re a busy small business. You made all that effort in writing a quote for them and then you realise they won’t be buying your products or services any time soon. They might enquire about your rates so they can plan their budget or compare your prices with your competitors.

  • 5 Top Tips to get Your Press Release noticed

    There are many reasons why you might want to write a press release about what’s happening in your small business – perhaps you’re launching a new product, you’ve just secured the latest round of funding or you’ve taken on a new member of staff. It’s an exciting time and you want to tell the world!

  • Small Business Growth: 7 Ways to Ask the Right Questions

    When it comes to their small business growth, most people think about advertising, mailshots or getting booked on every networking event available. That’s one way of course. But did you know there’s a much cheaper way to attract more of your ideal clients? Just ask When talking to my clients I often hear things like “I

  • How to Write Compelling Copy in 12 Steps

    When I think back to my first job, I realise how much has changed over the years. As an advertising copywriter I was responsible for creating print adverts that get noticed, direct mails that sell and multi-channel campaigns that make our target group flock to our banner. Nowadays, every business owner, freelancer and blogger encounters

  • 10 Tips for Growing Your Mailing List

    Company newsletters are a great way to reach out to potential and existing customers. It’s an affordable and versatile tool to spread the word about your products, offers and latest news and hence one of the best marketing channels for small businesses. I’ve already blogged about the benefits of newsletters and how to get started. Today

  • 4 Tips for a Web Copy That Converts

    Websites are an important marketing channel for small businesses. But how do you actually write web copy that converts web visitors into paying customers? After you put in all the work and you finally get your ideal customers to find your website, you really want them to read it, love it and buy it. You