Be Yourself to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Be Yourself to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

‘Follow the Crowd’ marketing has to be the worst tactic ever. Small business marketing should make your company stand out, so using the same strategy as your competition isn’t a good idea.

And here is where being a small business comes in really handy. Read on to find out why!


One advantage small business owners have is that our business is already about us: We love what we do so much that we chose to make a living of it, we call the shots and do things our way. While that can be a bit intimidating at times, all in all our company is our baby.

With our personality being a big influence on our company, it’s easier for us to set ourselves apart in the marketplace than it is for larger businesses. Our character, preferences and values already shape our small business and that has a huge potential for our marketing.


memorabilityUsing personality is a great way to differentiate yourself and be memorable for our target audience. The best marketing leaves the potential customer with an idea of what your business is about and why they would benefit from choosing you. And, most of all, who you are.

We’ve all heard conversations like ‘Have you seen that car ad with the tiger?’ or ‘There was a great offer in a shop around the corner, can’t remember which one,’ – people remembering the product, but not the brand, is a death sentence for all marketing campaigns.

Do It Your Way

We’re surrounded by ‘Best Practice’ studies, ‘How To’ workshops and blogs with tips and advice. Keep in mind that they are meant to be an inspiration and an ideas provider, not a manual.

Read up on networking before going to your first business event and learn everything you can about social media marketing before setting up your company profile. But ultimately, choose what feels right for you and your small business.

Just Be Yourself

be yourselfDon’t like hard sales or cold calling? Don’t do it! When looking for ways to generate new business, make sure it works for you and you feel comfortable: Get introductions to people at networking events or via LinkedIn, or pay a sales agent to call potential clients.

Don’t like selling yourself or using an elevator pitch? Then be authentic, honest and interested in what others have to say. You’re far more memorable this way and will make better connections. How else will you meet like-minded people?

In a sales situation at a trade show or pitching to investors, being genuine makes you more trustworthy and the same applies to all your marketing communications, from branding to social media marketing and advertising.

Ask yourself: What makes you you? And how can you use that to make your business stand out from the crowd?


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Published byDenise Strohsahl

Denise Strohsahl is an Edinburgh-based marketing consultant, specialising in helping small, local businesses get more of their ideal clients.