Work Smarter, Not Harder on Your Marketing

Marketing that works without being pushy or sales-y

grow your small business with video

4 Ways to Grow Your Small Business With Video

There’s a big buzz around video marketing these days. In fact, stats show that in 2023, mobile video accounted for an incredible 80% of total mobile data traffic. There are…


Want to Get Better Results from Your Small Business Marketing?

So, you’re spending hours each week on your marketing. You’re keeping your social media channels up-to-date, adding new blog posts to your website and sending out regular newsletters. But you…


Small Business Events to Attend in the UK in 2024

Small business events like conferences and trade shows are a great place to learn new skills, network and get inspired by like-minded small business owners. So when was the last…


Identifying Customer Triggers – What creates the need to buy what you’re selling?

When running a small business, it’s crucial to understand what makes someone come looking for you. While you may not be able to predict one hundred percent of these decision-making…


How to Promote Your Small Business Website

If your business has a website (and let’s face it, who doesn’t these days?), it’s really important to make sure people – and search engines – actually see it. The…


My Favourite Small Business & Marketing Tools

Something that often comes up when people talk about starting their own business is the fear of being overwhelmed. Running your own business means being a jack of all trades…