Marketing Planning for an Edinburgh Physiotherapy & Pilates Company

Marketing Case Study Pilates Plus Physio Edinburgh

Pilates Plus offers Pilates classes in Edinburgh with a special twist: Their Pilates instructors are also experienced physiotherapists.

Preparing for the launch of a new product, the owners wanted to better organise their marketing activities.

Together, we established a marketing planning process to streamline their internal workflows.


Date: July to December 2013

Marketing planning

Market research

Target group & market research

Marketing audit

Evaluating & improving existing marketing

Marketing plan

Creating a 12-month marketing plan

The Project

To cover their respective parental leaves as well as the launch of a new product, the two owners of the company wanted to be able to easily plan, measure & delegate their marketing activities within the team. They were also looking for ways to improve their current efforts & track the results.

To help them achieve that, I started with a comprehensive market research, looking closely at the ideal target markets as well as their competitors.

Following that, I conducted an audit of their past & existing marketing campaigns, collected ideas for improvement & identified additional marketing opportunities, covering all marketing channels.

Next, we established the marketing budget and selected the most promising campaigns which was the foundation for a 12-month marketing plan.

What the Client Says

“Thanks to Denise and all her hard work, we now have clear direction with our marketing strategy and plan, and feel like that side of our business is much more targeted and organised. It was not easy to find someone to help us, with our budget and the fact that we are a small business. But Denise was happy to take us on! She very quickly grasped what we were about, and how things work within our industry which really helped us work together. If you are a small business and want to know how to market your company, then Denise will really help!”

Laura Calder