5 Great Places to Work Remotely in Edinburgh: Part 3

5 Great Places to Work Remotely in Edinburgh: Part 3

As I have talked about before, every now and then I love to work remotely in Edinburgh. Running a small business on your own can get lonely and repetitive. And the best thing to do about that is to get out of your (home) office to work from a café.

And it’s great. Whether it’s for a whole afternoon, an hour-long meeting with a client or just a quick stop to check your emails between appointments. You can enjoy some buzz and be surrounded by people, but still be productive and to get your work done. Plus, there’s always good coffee and food!

Here are a few great work-friendly cafés if you want to work remotely in Edinburgh. (And don’t forget to check out my posts about the best cafes to work from in Edinburgh and the most work-friendly cafes in Edinburgh as well.)

oqo coffee nook work remotely edinburgh

Oqo Coffee Nook

Oqo on Haddington Place is a fantastic place to work remotely in Edinburgh. Not only is it very Instagrammable (think velvet seating, dark walls, marble tables and gold cutlery), there are plenty of places to work from as well.

There are sockets around the cafe, so you don’t need to worry about your laptop running out of battery. Grab a spot of the sofa and enjoy a slice of cake as you get to work. The staff are very friendly and won’t mind you working in the cafe all day – as long as you top up your coffee regularly!

art and vintage work remotely edinburgh

Art & Vintage

If you want to escape your home office for a working lunch, Art & Vintage at Abbeymount is the perfect place to work remotely. The food here is delicious, with amazing homemade sandwiches, salads and cakes.

Art & Vintage is an art gallery as well as a cafe, so it has a lovely quiet atmosphere during the day. The big windows and colourful decor make it a bright, inviting place to work remotely in Edinburgh.

akva work remotely edinburgh


Akva is a Swedish cafe-bar with a beautiful location next to the canal at Fountainbridge. In the evenings, it’s a great place to catch up with friends over cocktails, but during the day it has a much more relaxed vibe. This makes it another great spot to work remotely in Edinburgh.

There are lots of tables and free wifi, so it’s easy to set up in a corner and work away for the whole day. The food at Akva is lovely too if you need to stop for lunch or a quick “fika” break. They even have a big beer garden overlooking the canal if you fancy some fresh air as you work!

thomas j walls work remotely edinburgh

Thomas J. Walls

With a slightly hipster vibe, Thomas J. Walls is a beautiful cafe located inside a former Art Deco-style opticians. They’ve kept the same name and even some of the decor – look out for the spectacles!

With plenty of space and a buzzing atmosphere filled with chat and music at just the right volume, Thomas J. Walls is a great place to work remotely in Edinburgh. If the tables at the front are all taken, head through the back where there’s lots more room to set up your laptop.

fredericks coffee house work remotely edinburgh

Fredericks Coffee House

If you’re in town and need somewhere central to stop off between meetings, try Fredericks Coffee House. It’s a brilliant place to work remotely in Edinburgh, particularly if you’re in need of coffee and cake to help you tick off your to-do list!

It can get busy here at lunch time, but it’s perfect in the morning or mid-afternoon. Grab a table by the windows for lovely views as you work.


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