Is Your Marketing Annoying People?

Is Your Marketing Annoying People?

As consumers, we are annoyed by marketing and pushy sales tactics. We ditch magazines with more adverts than content, install ad blockers and answer the phone only when we are sure it’s not a call centre.

But as small business owners, we know how important it is to make people aware of our products and services. Marketing is vital to the success and survival of our company! So how do we consolidate these two worlds?

Take A Sanity Check

no-junk-mail I have already written about the importance of being yourself when it comes to your business and marketing. But there is one more thing we have to be aware of when we want to avoid annoying our target audience: We have to take our blinkers off and take a sanity check.

Before starting a new marketing campaign for your small business, ask yourself what you would do if you were at the receiving end. Would you read this unsolicited email or direct mail? What would you say if you got a phone call like that? Would you notice the advert while browsing the newspaper?

The same goes for your expectation: Is it realistic to think that you get enough response on your campaign to make it worthwhile? If you usually throw away leaflet drops that land in your letter box or ignore Google ads when searching for something on the internet, why would anyone else react differently to your campaign?

Use Your Insight

wall-full-of-postersThe good thing about being both a consumer and a marketer is that we can turn this sometimes tricky situation into our advantage. We have enough experience in B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to consumer) marketing to find our way out of this conundrum!

Next time you are about to throw away a leaflet or direct mail, check it out and see what you don’t like about it. Why do you think it’s not worth your time to open and read it? And how you can do it better when promoting your own company?

The same goes for offers, wording, design and placement. When being annoyed by marketing either in your free time or as a business owner, take a closer look and learn from other people’s mistakes.

It also works the other way around. If you see something that catches your eye, a campaign that surprises you and gets your attention, make sure to keep it or take a photo of it. This is the perfect inspiration when brainstorming your next marketing campaign.

Don’t Be Annoying

It all comes down to this: In marketing (as well as in life) do as you would be done by. Your target audience will thank you for this.


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Published byDenise Strohsahl

Denise Strohsahl is an Edinburgh-based marketing consultant, specialising in helping small, local businesses get more of their ideal clients.