Edinburgh’s Best Work-Friendly Cafés

Edinburgh’s Best Work-Friendly Cafés

Every freelancer and small business owner who has ever worked from home knows: It’s pretty easy to feel isolated from the outside world when your desk is only a few feet away from your bed.

One solution is to get yourself and everybody you work with a desk in a shared office or co-working space. Another one is to simply set up shop in a café around the corner.

I love the latter to surround myself with people while still getting my work done, meet clients or work with other freelancers on joint projects. Edinburgh has a lot to offer when it comes to working remotely, but here are a few of my favourite cafés to work from:

Levels Cafe & Lounge info box

Levels Cafe & Lounge is part of Edinburgh University but open for everyone. They have several different areas: You can for example sit on a stool by the front window, lounge on their sofas and armchairs in the back or work on one of the many comfortable tables in the centre of the cafe.

They even have three work desks complete with desk lamp and extra sockets. The wifi is free, fast and has so far worked flawlessly. Additionally, they have a good selection of locally sourced and seasonal fooddrinks and fair trade coffee.


Red Kite Cafe info boxI’ve recently discovered a new cafe in the Abbeyhill/London Road area: The Red Kite Café. Apart from their amazing coffee and tea collection, it’s a great place for lunch, some cake – and work. They have stools by the window, large and smaller tables and the free wifi works well.

It’s a lovely bright space and so far it has never been too busy for work. Somehow they managed to create a large space that feels cosy without feeling cramped. And their homepage gives me website envy. But that’s for another day ;)


Brew Lab info boxAnother great place to work from is Brew Lab. Especially if you get there before lunchtime you have the choice between stools, large or smaller tables either by the window or in the back. They have some extra sockets throughout the place, free wifi and a very nice vibe.

If you like coffee, you’ll love Brew Lab but they also offer really nice teas for the non-caffeine faction and their pastries, soups and baguettes are great, too. With its four different areas there’s plenty of room although it might get a bit noisy around lunch time.


Lovecrumbs Coffeeshop & Cafe info boxIf you need cake to boost your work day, then you should considering working from Lovecrumbs. It’s a lovely little place in West Port with comfy and worky seating and far too many cakes. Some more cake. And, did I mention cake?

With it being so close to uni and the Old Town, it can get quite busy but mornings are usually a good shout. Their free wifi works well and their teas and coffees are delicious. And, you know, cake.


August_21 info boxAugust_21 is a little café, tucked away in the Southside of Edinburgh. It’s not very big but at off-peak times it’s not a problem to get a seat. They have free wifi, extra sockets and the food is awesome: pastries, baguettes, soups and other fresh dishes – there’s something for everyone.

Their drinks selection is great, too, but most of all it seems to be the staff that makes this place: They’re super friendly and certainly adding to the nice vibe of the café itself.


Over to you: Next time you feel a little bout of cabin fever coming on, working from a café might give you the change of scenery you need.



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