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Edinburgh’s Best Co-Working Offices for Small Businesses

Edinburgh's Best Co-Working Offices for Small Businesses

When you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, working from home can get lonely very quickly. If you’re not ready to hire your own place yet, a shared office could be the perfect option. Check out these best co-working offices for small businesses in Edinburgh!

Why co-working?

A co-working office is a collaborative space where lots of different businesses can hire an individual desk, room or hot-desking area without committing to a long-term contract. But there are many other benefits to co-working offices, including:

  • Being able to separate your work and home life
  • Networking opportunities with other businesses in the office
  • Having access to office resources like meeting rooms and mail/call forwarding services
  • Flexible options in terms of costs and contracts

If you’re a small business owner in Edinburgh, I’d recommend checking out these great co-working offices for small businesses in the Scottish capital!

The Melting Pot

5 Rose St, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR  co-working-offices-for-small-businesses-edinburgh-coworking

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, meeting rooms, virtual office, venue hire, “networker” flexible package

Rates: from £275 fixed desk or £63 hotdesk (pcm), £22 hotdesk (per day), or £100 annual subscription to “networker” package

Established in 2007, The Melting Pot is one of the UK’s oldest co-working offices for small businesses in Edinburgh.

With a great location on Rose Street, it’s home to a diverse range of people and businesses. It’s perfect if you’re looking to do some networking with new people.

In addition to desk space and access to meeting rooms, you can also access workshop space and event rooms. This is great if you’re holding an important meeting or are running a one-off course.

The Melting Pot even offer free open days. So you can go along and find out if a co-working office is right for you before you sign up.

Read more about the pros and cons of working from home vs getting an office for your small business.


37a Castle Terrace, EH1 2EL  co-working-offices-for-small-businesses-edinburgh

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, meeting rooms, office hire, events and workshop space

Rates: from £240 fixed desk or £50 hotdesk (pcm) or £10 hotdesk (per day)

Codebase could be the perfect co-working office for you if you’re a startup, a tech company or a small business involved in the digital sector.

There are several flexible options here to suit your needs and budget. You can, for example, hire a fixed desk or pay for monthly or daily hotdesking.

Codebase host lots of events so it’s great for networking or meeting like-minded small businesses.

They also host a weekly Yoga class every Monday – the perfect opportunity to take some much needed time out, away from your desk (£25 for a month of classes).

Kingsford Office

26 Dublin Street, EH3 6NNco-working-for-small-businesses-edinburgh

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, meeting rooms, virtual office, serviced office

Rates: from £250 (+VAT) unlimited hotdesk or fixed desk or £90 (+VAT) hotdesk (5 day pass)

Love the luxury feel of Edinburgh’s New Town but don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on your own office space? Try the Kingsford Office co-working space instead.

As well as the usual hotdesking facilities, Kingsford Office offer serviced offices for larger teams and virtual office services (like mail handling and call forwarding).

They also host an open bar every Friday after work, which is something I can definitely get on board with! It’s the perfect opportunity to socialise and meet other small businesses over a couple of drinks.

Tribe Porty

19 Windsor Place, EH15 2AJ  co-working-for-small-businesses-edinburgh

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, office and studio space, event space hire

Rates: from £190 fixed desk (pcm – 12month minimum contract), £30 hotdesk (for two days a month) or £150 unlimited hotdesk (pcm). Office/studio space from £250 (pcm – 12 month minimum contract)

Located in Portobello for a more relaxed office environment, Tribe Porty has a great community feel to it. Perfect for creatives and makers, this co-working office has been designed to encourage creativity and collaborative projects.

There are a range of co-working options at Tribe Porty including fixed desks, hotdesking, meeting rooms, office spaces and venue hire. They offer a free trial day, letting you go in and test the water, to figure out if it’s the right co-working environment for you!

Also look out for their hosted events, including pilates, yoga and even photography workshops.

Custom Lane

1 Customs Wharf, EH6 6AL  co-working-for-small-businesses-edinburgh

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, studio space, event space, meeting rooms

Rates: from £200 fixed desk (pcm), £150 hotdesk (pcm) or £10 hotdesk (per day)

Looking for a trendy co-working space in Leith? Custom Lane could be just what you’ve been searching for!

Located by the water at Customs Wharf, Custom Lane is an incredibly creative space. It’s described on their website as “an evolving, collaborative experiment in creating the most engaging, enriching and enjoyable work environment for designers and design-led makers in Scotland” – a really lovely summary, which highlights the strong feeling of community found here.

Custom Lane also has fantastic exhibition space, making it an ideal fit if you work in design. Collaborating and co-working with fellow designers could be endlessly inspiring!


10 South St Andrew Street, EH2 2AZcoworking-for-small-business-edinburgh

Services: fixed desk, hotdesk, meeting rooms, serviced offices, virtual offices

Rates: £285 (+VAT) fixed desk (pcm), £125 (+VAT) unlimited hotdesk (pcm), £150 (+VAT) flexi hot desk (10 days)

Based in the city centre, just a few minutes away from Waverley Station, Strathmore offers extremely flexible co-working options. Their flexi package has been designed very much with independent workers and freelancers in mind, allowing you to book ten days at a time, and “top up” at reception whenever you like! What’s more? There is no set contract, meaning you can use your ten days within a month, or split them across the year, using them whenever you need to.

Not only does Strathmore offer great fixed or hotdesking options, but they also have a business lounge where you can relax, mingle with other business owners, or even have an informal meeting.  And, if you like the vibe and you’re looking for a more permanent option, they also have serviced offices available at four other Edinburgh locations.

There you have it – my top picks for co-working offices for small businesses in Edinburgh! Whether you’re looking for somewhere to set up a regular base, or an office to pop in and out of whenever it suits you, there is an option in the city to suit every need.


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