• The Best Cafes to Work from in Edinburgh: Part 2

    When you’re running your own small business – and particularly if you work from home – it can get a little lonely. When that happens, I love finding cosy little cafes to work from in Edinburgh. You can chat with people and have a bit of buzz around you while you’re getting your work done.

  • 7 Networking Events and Clubs to Join in Edinburgh

    Networking events can be a powerful tool for your small business, but only if you choose the right ones. Don’t waste time attending events that are irrelevant to you. Instead, pick the networking events which will give you the chance to meet great people, find potential new clients and learn lots of useful hints and

  • Edinburgh’s Best Co-Working Offices

    When you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, working from home can get boring very quickly. If you miss the social aspect of working in an office but aren’t ready to hire your own place yet, a co-working office could be the perfect option. A co-working office is a collaborative space where lots of

  • Edinburgh’s Best Work-Friendly Cafés

    Every freelancer and small business owner who has ever worked from home knows: It’s pretty easy to feel isolated from the outside world when your desk is only a few feet away from your bed. One solution is to get yourself and everybody you work with a desk in a shared office or co-working space. Another one is to simply set