• Want to Get Better Results from Your Small Business Marketing?

    So, you’re spending hours each week on your small business marketing. You’re keeping your social media channels up-to-date, adding new blog posts to your website and sending out regular newsletters. But you aren’t seeing enough – or the right – results… What’s going wrong? It’s likely that you’ve forgotten the first, and most important, rule

  • How to Save Time & Automate Your Workflows

    As a small business owner (and particularly if you’re a one-man-band), repetitive tasks take up a lot of your time. Keeping on top of these tasks is important. But they can be tedious and probably keep you from working on your business (find out why you should focus on that). Do I see you nod

  • Offline Marketing for Small Businesses

    As a small business owner, it can be easy to assume that everyone is online and uses social media regularly. But while it’s true that a lot of people are active on social media, not everyone is. That’s why it’s important to at least consider using offline marketing for small businesses. And it’s not just

  • 5 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors

    These days, it can be difficult for a business to be truly unique. There are hundreds of other small businesses (and even big businesses) offering a similar product or service to you. And the internet makes it easier than ever before for customers to have access to all your competitors. You’ve done your research and

  • Customer Objections: How to Respond & Learn From Them

    Getting a rejection is never easy. But when it comes to customers saying “no” to your business, it can actually be a positive thing. If a client turns you down, or a potential customer has doubts about whether your products or services are right for them, don’t dwell on the rejection. Instead, use customer objections

  • Marketing Workshops for an Online Educator

    Getting in touch during a period of expansion and business growth, remote education specialists My Online Schooling Ltd were looking for help to take their marketing to the next level. Booking a series of team workshops, the goals were to increase brand awareness and improve their existing marketing efforts. The Projects: Establishing a marketing strategy,