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Really good marketing – without the salesy and annoying stuff

Not getting enough (of the right) clients with your small business marketing? Want to get your small business to the next level or launch a new product? Fed up with intrusive, self-serving marketing tactics?

You’re in the right place. 

Small Business Marketing Consultant
Denise Strohsahl, brand & marketing consultant for small businesses

Hi. I’m Denise Strohsahl, a small business marketing consultant with +20 years of experience who helps you create really good marketing without the salesy and annoying stuff.

Let’s cut through the noise of salesy tactics and pushy trends to create a marketing mix that plays to your strengths without feeling overwhelming.

Quality over quantity

As small business owner, it’s easy to stretch yourself too thin. But contrary to what the internet says, you don’t have to do ALL of the things. In fact, with finite resources, small business marketing is all about quality over quantity. 

That’s why we’ll focus on what works best for your small business and play to your strengths. How? By picking your marketing based on your preferences and resources.

This will create a more realistic and doable marketing while making it (a lot!) more fun for you. (I promise.)

Fit for purpose

If you’re put off by overhyped trends and salesy, pushy marketing tactics, you’re not alone. I can’t stand them either. Also, “best practices” can be helpful to get you started, but that kind of cookie-cutter approach only gets you so far. 

So we’ll be making a wide berth around those when working on your small business marketing. I mean, why be boring (or worse, annoying), if it makes it really hard to stand out from your competition? 

Instead, a unique marketing mix tailored to your niche, values and goals is much more fit for purpose. And while we’re at it, let’s build trust and loyalty and turn sales into repeat business and referrals by creating a stellar customer experience – before and after sales.

Skills for life

To sum it up, if you are looking for a small business marketing consultant to help you make sense of it all and point you in the right direction, I’m the person for you. By combining my marketing expertise with your knowledge and experience, we will not only get your marketing on track to help you achieve your goals. 

You will also gain a better understanding of how to market your small business – all the way from strategy to delivery. And that will give your confidence and business the boost you deserve.

Time to find out if you’re barking at the wrong marketing trees and make sure you’re doing the right things the right way. Get in touch for a free initial call today!

Want proof?

Find out what my clients have to say about me!

Denise is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and enthusiastic. It was lovely to chat with her and she gave me excellent advice about my start-up business. Highly recommend sandstonecastles marketing!

Dr Catherine Fernando Iyasu Vegan Medical Bags
Dr Catherine FernandoIyasu Bags

Denise has been an absolute wonder! She has helped me to identify my message, create a story and believe in the service I deliver. Would highly recommend Denise and her services as they are A++++.

lesley sinclair insight coaching and consulting
Lesley SinclairInsight Coaching & Consulting

If you’re a customer-focused small business you’ve found your marketing oracle in Denise. Her insightful pragmatic support has been invaluable in redefining a clear brand strategy and positioning for my business.

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Patrick Robertshawinforocket

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